Costa Rica Kira Maar

Retreat 2020:

La Carolina Lodge, Costa Rica


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The Big Chill | Encinitas, California | September 2018

A long weekend of coastal living, Kira's retreat was a celebration of life through yoga, healthy eating and relaxation on the beach. The retreat included meditation, walks on the beach and paddle board. Kira provided guidance on de-stressing, lowering cortisol levels, and how to welcome joy into the heart.




A truly restorative retreat with yoga and outings that offered group fun times as well as some personal time for reflection and self-care. The meals were fantastic! Paddle boarding – WOW! – I found my abs again. And a wonderful spa treatment right down the road. But the best part was Kira’s thoughtful yoga sequences and cueing shared with some amazing new friends! - Teresa


Kira created a restful and a playful space to disconnect and have fun.  Our beach retreat was unparalleled in comfort and the meals were amazing. -Laura


I have been on three retreats and they have all been fun. The extended yoga family, wonderful healthy food and fun activities the entire time. -John


Past Retreats

  LG Retreat 2016 (Updated)  2015 Blissful Balance FINAL

"I’m so grateful to YOU for the wonderful retreat . . .it’s been two weeks and I am still basking in the glow — the yoga with you, which is always fun, unique and healing in so many ways, made even more so by the oils you shared with us and the knowledge on immunity boosting oils, the journals, which I write in daily - and is such a nice touch to have as a reminder of the peace and harmony we experienced at your retreat . . . not to mention the fabulous food by Steve and Maddie. Thank you again! Love you." - Kathy O