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Be inspired. Learn ways to improve your overall well-being through a balanced life and a balanced body.

About Kira Maar For more than 15 years of practice, I have learned that yoga is much more than just a physical exercise.  It is a practice of compassionate discipline, breath, meditation, energy work, as well as asana. The practice of yoga is to unite all the parts of our body, mind and spirit in order to create in our lives balance, stability and peacefulness.  In my yoga classes and in our private sessions you will experience a unique blend of strong alignment based asana practice, mindful meditation, Kira’s Bliss essential oils, and pranayama. The meditation you will experience in all my classes allows you to become more aware of exactly who you are, and your truth in every moment. Through meditation practice, I will help you hone an ability to be present in life no matter how challenging. My classes will connect your practice on the mat to your life. Yoga practice, to be effective, does not start and finish on our mats, but is part of everything we do, and everything we are.  Therefore, you will often find meaningful friendships and human connections being formed in classes. 


click here A posture developed in performing hatha yoga.

pran⋅a⋅ya⋅ma The regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises.

Workshops / Yoga Meditation Means Business
Explore the benefits of meditation at your next meeting. Kira will tailor her inspirational talk to fit your agenda.  Contact Kira for more information.


9:30 AM

Hatha, Evolution


6:45 PM

Hatha, Evolution


5:00 PM

Restorative, Yogaview


12:15 PM

Basic Hatha, Yogaview




Kira's Bliss Oils

Therapeutic oils have for centuries aided, grounded, and uplifted us in our travels through life. Humans have manipulated fragrance to affect our emotions and explored their medicinal use. Find balance, serenity and lift through Kira's oil blends, now available to buy online.